I advise and work with small companies, corporations and government entities around the world. Projects include: IT infrastructure and security, marketing and management strategies for a multitude of industries and educational software.

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WillDriver Estate & Trust Authentication

My partner and I just launched our newest online application, WillDriver. It's a way for those with assets to safeguard and authenticate their estate documents and will & trust in the event that something happens to the original copy.  We made headlines pretty...

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3 Reasons to Visit Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The People The people are as friendly as anyone you will find anywhere in the world. Folks went out of their way to welcome me anywhere I visited, I posed for a few selfies and shook a bunch of hands as I toured around. It was refreshing to walk around not seeing...

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Shaka Spirits Official Launch

#SHAKASHOTS We launched our Shaka Spirits® Plantation Rum on September 2, 2018 at the Okinawan Festival in Honolulu. It was a smash hit and we sold out almost immediately. Currently on allocation till 2019 we are kicking ass in our market.  You can read more...

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