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Hi. I'm Tim Caminos.

I currently live in Kailua, Hawaii and love working on amazing projects!

Tim Caminos

Tim Caminos


Tim Caminos is a Hawaii based entrepreneur, Owner of of SuperGeeks Hawaii., and Co-Founder of RankHI, a botique digital marketing agency. With over fifteen years experience in strategy, business development, and alliance building, he has helped those he works with achieve their goals and break through the marketplace. Tim currently sits on the executive board for the Bizgenics Foundation and is involved with several international startups.  Read More..

A few cool things that I’m doing right now

A bit about me


I’ve had a dozen ventures over the past few years, several of which have turned into stand alone companies, such as ecommerce platforms, web design, and marketing firms.


I have a passion for finding creative ideas to help companies obtain new sales, cut costs and improve productivity.


I help companies improve performance and efficiency by analyzing data and creating solutions. In addition to identifying problems and providing solutions, I excel at capitalizing on hidden opportunities.

Digital Ninja

Digital Strategy is what I find best describes what I do. I help companies navigate the incredible amount of options they have when it comes to technology, the implementation of tools and the training and support of their staff.


Giving back to the community is just great fun. I never feel like I’m working because I’m doing something I really enjoy. I currently work with BizGym Foundation to help provide kids both business and life skills through their lemonade alley program.


I love nerding out Search Optimization. Ranking high is great! But it’s also about user experience and conversion. If you are interested in learning more about SEO, Check out this blog post on